It’s all about the people

While there are many stories to share from the last two and a half years of camping around the country I realized, as I was going through my pictures, that what impressed me the most in my travels was not the beauty of the places I visited but the people I met along the way.  It is hard to believe, unless you are someone who has been on the road for extended periods, just how open, honest and caring the people you meet in campgrounds really are.  And so, for the next few posts I am going back and giving you an idea of just how diverse and interesting people can be.

Chuck and Joan

This is Chuck and Joan who I first met in January of 2009 at Midway Campground in the Big Cypress area of the Everglades.  Chuck is a retired firefighter from Chicago and since that is where I grew up we had something in common right away.  Chuck and Joan have been on the road, just about full-time for about 14 years.  They are in a small RV similar to a conversion van,  You know it is love when you can spend that much time that close together.  Since that first meeting I have run into them at various campgrounds each January down in south Florida but that first year is what I really remember and here is why:

During a conversation with Chuck I had mentioned that a friend of mine insisted I get a Catholic “Saint Christopher” medal for this new adventure I was embarking upon.  I also mentioned that I hadn’t been able to find one.

I, of course, didn’t think anything of the comment and forgot I had even made it until…  About 3 weeks later I ran into Chuck and Joan at another campground in the Everglades (Flamingo) and the first thing they did was hand me a Saint Christopher medal.  It seems that they go, without fail, to mass each week and picked one up at the church they visited in Homestead, Florida.

I still have that medal clipped to my visor and every time I look at it I remember my first friends, Chuck and Joan.

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