Trying Something New

Now that I live the “stationary life” I am trying to get back into the tech mode.  I have now started using a program called Windows Live Writer which supposedly lets me type and prepare my posts to the BLOG off line and then publish them when I do go on line. 

This is my first attempt at doing that and hopefully, if it works, will save my web data time and allow me to do this when and wherever I am.


This is a new photo I call shadows on the wall and it was taken in my apartment one morning during my morning coffee time.  I may try to do a charcoal sketch from it.

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2 Responses to Trying Something New

  1. anne clarke says:

    Its fun to play around with photos, to acheive effects like this. Do you have any photo editing software? I can recommend an inexpensive one, if not. I loved all the scenic pics that you have posted, the landscape looks gorgeous
    Anne in Mckinney

    • usandyd says:

      Thanks Anne! I have used editing software in the past and may start again but all of the pics here are unedited (except for some cropping). What software would you recommend?

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