Iowa – 2010

I had a wonderful time travelling through Iowa.  While there aren’t a great many National Forests or National Parks the State Park System was absolutely great.  I stayed at several, from Mason City in the north to the banks of the Mississippi River in the east, and never had a bad experience.  My favorites were Pikes Peak State Park on the Mississippi across from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, Pilot Knob State Park near Forest City, Iowa and Back Bone State Park near Dundee, Iowa.  In addition to the great camping it seemed that the people in the towns along the road were some of the friendliest of the trip.  It was also nice to see that the “Downtown” section of these towns was actually thriving and not just some boarded up store fronts.  All in all, a great state!

Back Bone State Park Boat House


Bridal Falls Trail - Pikes Peak State Park

View from Pikes Peak Iowa Overlook


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