Montana – 2011

I am having an absolutely wonderful time in Montana.  It is my first trip here and the scenery is magnificent.  I have stayed in campgrounds near Bozeman (Gallitin National Forest), Missoula (Lolo National Forest) and Libby (Lake Koocanusa Corps of Engineers).  I also have had the chance to isit with my friends Sandy and Ken who I first met down in the Everglades 2 winters ago.

There has been so much to see that I wil do a seperate photo page for the wonderful pictures.

As for the campgrounds:

Near Bozeman I stayed at Langhor right on the Hyalite River and would suggest it to al of you but it requires reservations and it is a good idea to have them.  Great scenery, fishing and still close to town

Langhor Campground

Near Missoula I stayed at the Lolo Creek campground in the Lolo National Forest.  Once gain, mountain stream, beautiful scenery and great hiking.  There is no potabl water and so make sure you have water efore you get there.  It is bout 12 miles to Lolo where you can et supplies if you need them.

Lolo Creek

 At Libby it was a Corps of Engineers campground along the Kootenai River.  Once again, no potable water but a wonderful site.  Best of all, it was considered “dispersed camping” an was free.

Kootenai River Campsite

Don’t forget to check out the Montana Photo Page!!


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