North Dakota – 2011

Spring of 2011 in North Dakota was wet! That’s an understatement at best.  The winter snow pack in the western mountains was record-breaking and added to that was the fact that there was a heavy spring rain.  It was mid June when I finally made it north to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and one of the two loops in the campground was still under water.  The whole park had shut down for about two weeks when the Little Missouri River, which flows next to the camping area,  flooded for the first time since records had been kept.  By the time I got there the water had receded and I was able to enjoy the park and surrounding areas.

The park is the site of Teddy Roosevelt’s first cabin in the badlands of North Dakota and is nestled among canyons and bluffs with lots of wonderful scenery.  The town of Medora is quaint and close by and there are numerous ranger led programs.

Teddy Roosevelts Cabin

View along the hiking trail

Foggy dawn along the Little Missouri River

One of the many scenic overlooks

Teddy Roosevelt (Gib Young)


One Response to North Dakota – 2011

  1. Hello Andy,
    You know how I love the old rustic cabins. This looks so pretty and a place I would love to visit. Thank you for sharing.
    The Hall’s

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