Texas – 2011

I passed through Texas twice in 2011.  The first time was in late spring as I was heading west and the second was in early fall as I was working my way south for the winter.

I stayed at Copper Breaks State park in May.  There are not a lot of National Forests in west Texas  and so other than Big Bend and Padre Island in the far south, state parks are your best choice.  Copper Breaks was a nice little campground and I stayed there a few days.  Unfortunately it was going through the spring drought and so there were no wood or charcoal fires allowed.  I still had a good time while I was there.

The lake at Copper Breaks


View from the hiking trail


View from Juniper Peak


October found me heading south to stay ahead of the cold weather and I stopped at the Sam Houston National Forest just north of Houston, Texas.  I have stayed in the forest before but usually at Cagle Lake campground.  They have changed Cagle to reservations only and so I camped a few miles down the road at Stubblefield Lake.  The water level in the lake was very low and so the fishing wasn’t too good.  The campground itself, while not having hook ups for RV’s does have showers and flush toilets.  It was hunting season and so hiking the Lone Star Trail, which passes through the campground, required the precautions of wearing bright orange.

Stubblefield Lake

 The trees in the forest were highly stressed due to the extreme drought and one night this came down about 40 feet from the tent.

If a tree falls in the woods....


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