Palo Duro Canyon – 2010

Aftenoon in the Canyon

Canyon view

Canyon Creek

Sunrise in the Canyon


5 Responses to Palo Duro Canyon – 2010

  1. Eric & Nicole says:

    Beautiful pics Andy, we camped in Palo Duro back when we were living in Lubbock, glad to see another enthusiast of the outdoors. We hope you have a good time at Stubblefield, we look forward to seeing your photos from that trip. Take care and have safe voyages.

  2. tspindor says:

    Been here is Texas over 20 years and still have yet to visit there. These pictures are just awesome, makes me want to go see it first hand. Thanks for sharing.

  3. tom hartung says:

    We met in Long Pine Key, Flamingo maybe, and Fore Lake in Florida this past winter. You might remember us as a Casita couple (Tom & Chris). Now Andy, did you think that everyone knew that Palo Duro was in New Mexico? This spot was put on my must-see list 2 weeks ago by a mechanic who worked on our trailer brake controller, but he really didn’t remember many details of this part of his trip since it was a whirlwind (the opposite of your/our moseying style), except that it was in NM. I had never heard of it, but tonight, just days away from our next trip (northwest) I thought of you and how I had never gone to your travel log. How nice to see that you have been to Palo Duro, and recommend it. Now, I “know” 2 people who have been there.
    Will you be back in Florida this winter? Maybe we’ll see you on your bike again.

    • usandyd says:


      Palo Duro is in Texas. I stayed at Palo Duro State Park and it isa near Amarillo. Have a great trip and I might see you in Florida next Spring.

  4. tom hartung says:

    Thanks Andy. No wonder I couldn’t find it on my NM map. My mechanic must’ve been dizzy from too many parks in too few days. Not our kind of problem. We hope to run into you in Florida.

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