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  1. Barry Peyton says:

    Hey Andy,
    Well after having gone through freezing rain in Dayton, a broken spring shackle in Detroit and a broken strap holding the bike in place, and finally a flat tire as a result of the broken shackle, I made it home to Washago, Ontario last night. It was great having your company Andy and your insight into trails and info in the area was appreciated. I went onto Sanibel Island for a few days after I left you and did some fishing. I caught Two sheepheads, Two hammerhead sharks, two whiteing and a few other nonames. I shall take a better look at your blog when I have more time. All the best, cheers Barry

  2. Daniel Reich says:

    Finally getting around to dropping a note. We met at Devils Tower in early Sept. 2011 – awe-inspiring place and a great campsite. Hope the road’s being kind to you. Keep on trucklin’!
    ~ Dan Reich | McKinney, TX

  3. Denise and Bob Richards says:

    Hi Andy
    We met at Ocean Pond and then followed you to Lake Fore. There has been no update since Christmas when you were to visit friends in Miami. Is everything ok with you.
    Just concerned….Denise and Bob

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